Sunglasses are a summertime must! Probably when you were a little child, when your mother would remind you to put them on before going outdoors to play. Then, throughout adolescence, they became more than trendy accessories. And as an adult, you may be curious about the advantages of wearing sunglasses. There are several advantages to wearing sunglasses 365 days a year, regardless of the weather. Every day, the sun’s destructive UV radiation are present in our environment; thus, daily eye protection is essential. Here are five reasons for wearing sunglasses more frequently from Eyeway.

Eye protection against UV and other factors

Though you’ll wear various clothing depending on whether you’re relaxing on a beach, sunbathing by a pool, going for a run, bicycling, waterskiing, or snow skiing, the one item you must always wear is your sunglasses!

A pair of high-quality sunglasses that block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays is the only thing that separates a pleasant outdoor activity from eye damage.

Not only can sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays, but they also provide protection from other hazards. As a physical barrier, sunglasses protect against wind, blowing dust, sand, and other airborne particles that might irritate the eyes and potentially cause irreversible damage by scratching the cornea.

See better, be safer

The sun’s rays sustain life on our planet, yet they also cause temporary blindness. If your eyes are light-sensitive, you may need to squint or raise your hand to cover the sun. This is not “seeing your best” and might pose a safety risk while driving, riding a bike, or engaging in any activity requiring rapid movement and decision-making. Wearing sunglasses will improve your vision and make navigation safer. You could protect yourself or others from suffering a terrible harm. (And you’ll look awesome in the process.)

Better eyesight for optimal outdoor visibility

Sunglasses protect your eyes and prevent illness, but they also provide quick respite from the sun’s brightness and glare the minute you put them on. It is inconvenient to go outdoors in the glaring sun without eye protection! Whether you’re watching your child’s athletic event, skiing down a snowy mountain, or taking a stroll in the park, sunglasses improve your vision. Polarized lenses significantly enhance eyesight by reducing glare reflected from horizontal surfaces such as the ocean, sand, sidewalks, and snow. Without glare, color and contrast are more visible. This improves your vision and enhances your enjoyment. Sunglasses allow you to appreciate the outdoors more and perform better when playing a sport.

Protect eyes while they recover

Corrective eye surgery, whether for cataracts or LASIK to improve vision, is a typical occurrence. These operations need enough healing time for the eyes. As eyes recuperate, it is crucial to shield them from the sun’s damaging rays so they can fully recover. Sunglasses are the best method to protect your eyesight and allow your body the time it requires to recover.

Prevent Headaches & Migraines

Anyone who suffers from migraines or severe headaches is aware that the sun’s brilliant brightness can be a trigger for these painful conditions. And, you guessed it, the best method to avoid this is to wear a pair of high-quality sunglasses that block the sun’s rays and protect your eyes. If bright light is a trigger for you, wearing sunglasses more often may help you prevent the agony and suffering of a migraine. Choose dark lenses when choosing sunglasses if you are prone to headaches. Ensure that the lenses are of the same excellent quality as those sold in our optical department. Thus, you can be certain that your eyes are shielded from UV radiation. If you need a new pair of sunglasses that block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, our optical department will assist you in selecting a pair that looks great on you and provides all of the necessary protective features to keep your vision sharp for years to come.