Investing in designer eyewear may be rather costly, especially if you choose for additional services such as special coatings or tints. Despite the apparent simplicity of this work, you may be shocked by how few of us perform it adequately or at all. This is why we have provided you with advice on how to efficiently maintain your glasses.

How To Properly Put On And Remove Your Glasses

Sometimes, especially at the end of a long day, taking off our glasses with one hand might become second nature. However, this may be quite detrimental to the frames themselves. Removing your spectacles with one hand might cause the frames to flex unnaturally, which strains the glasses and loosens the screws. Remember to remove your spectacles with both hands in order to maintain the earpieces aligned and straight.

Microfiber cloth for lens cleaning

Use the cleaning cloth included with your designer glasses or sunglasses to wipe the lens. Avoid using your fingers and avoid cleaning your lens with your sleeve, tie, scarf, etc., since this is not only detrimental to the lens, but it also traps extra dirt and bacteria on the lens. If your original fabric has grown worn and outdated, you should replace it.

Purchase a Cleaning Product

If you find that wiping your lenses with a towel is insufficient, consider using a cleaning solution. Although cleaning products from stores like Boots may be cheaper, it is strongly advised that you get them from an optometrist. As opposed to the solutions from your optometrist, cheaper solutions may not include the same grade of active ingredients to adequately clean your lenses and protect your eyes from bacteria. At least once each week, use the solution to clean your contact lenses. Working settings and lifestyle can also affect your cleaning schedule; for instance, if you play a lot of sports or work in a warehouse, you may need to clean your lenses every two to three days. If you possess sunglasses with tinted lenses, you may require a separate cleaning solvent; using the same cleaning liquid may cause the hue to fade.

Do not place your glasses lens-down

Be mindful of where and how you lay down your glasses. Even though your glasses’ lenses have a scratch-resistant coating, you should never rest them lens-down on a surface. This will harm the lenses.

All designer glasses and designer sunglasses from Eyeway come with a case and cleaning cloth from the original manufacturer, allowing you to store and keep your glasses appropriately.

Have Your Frame Regularly Readjusted

Normal wear and tear might loosen the joints in your frame, causing your spectacles to fall off or slide off your nose. Get your eyeglasses readjusted annually at the optician. If possible, have them adjusted every six months to maintain their tightness and freshness. Typically, opticians would do this service for free. These five techniques should keep your glasses in excellent shape and extend their lifespan.

And Remember!

When investing in designer eyeglasses, it is essential to safeguard your investment. In addition to correcting your vision, your glasses maintain your eyesight’s health and shield them from airborne particles. Contact the Eyeway staff if you have any inquiries regarding designer glasses.