You’d be surprised. There is much more to a good pair of sunglasses than most people realize. Knowing when and how to incorporate a good pair of Eyeway sunglasses into your daily routine and outfit requires some preparation. Then, when the sun is shining and you want to turn heads, follow our top styling suggestions for glasses to complement your mood, look, and lifestyle.

8 Style Tips for Sunglasses

This season’s collection features a variety of functional and fashionable styles to suit every taste, and you’ll likely need many pairs to accommodate various scenarios. Here is all you need to know to appear effortlessly stylish while wearing sunglasses.

Determine the Proper Fit for Your Face

Because each face is unique, it is essential to find sunglasses that fit properly and are comfortable. On bright days, you will likely use sunglasses for prolonged periods. Look for a pair that fits near to your face without slipping and that does not press on your forehead or bridge of your nose. Additionally, examine the arms and frames to ensure that light cannot enter from the top or sides.

Select a Style that Meets Your Needs

What you intend to do while wearing sunglasses will influence your decision. For instance, the glare protection offered by a pair of traditional aviator sunglasses makes them ideal for lengthy trips and beach days. In contrast, rectangular frames are more appropriate for sporting, whilst the universally pleasing design of cat-eye sunglasses is better suited for high fashion.

Add a Splash of Color to Complement Your Outfit

Once you’ve determined your ideal form and design, it’s time to play with colour! Choose from wacky patterned frames or a solid block hue that catches the eye and adds a bit of flare to an otherwise conservative ensemble. With coloured glasses, you may also emphasize and harmonize your clothing. Popular selections include amber, blue, and green colours, in addition to silver mirrored lenses.

Experiment with Styles

This is where your personal preference, level of self-assurance, and sense of style come into play. Choose from enormous sunglasses for a classic movie star appearance, retro heart or butterfly shapes for a quirkier mood, slender sunglasses that exude inner confidence, or abstract patterns that demonstrate independence and style. The options are limitless!

Put Them on Your Head 

This is unquestionably the best place to store sunglasses while they are not on your face. It feels natural, enhances your overall appearance, and works especially well with plastic frames that lack nose cushions that might become entangled in your hair. Just be careful that placing sunglasses in hair products might harm them, and that wearing them on your head for too long can cause the arms to stretch but we have you covered.

Attach to Your Shirt

No, we are not proposing that sunglasses hung from shirt collars are the latest fashion fad. On warm days, though, the style is elegant and easy with a casual men’s T-shirt. The sunglasses on shirt trend is equally popular among ladies and may be worn with a range of women’s clothing, such as blouses, V-necks, and camis. As for the age-old topic of where to store sunglasses when wearing a suit, consider attaching them to the outer breast pocket for the perfect blend of formal and informal.

Utilize a neck strap or lanyard

If you’re one of those individuals who continually misplace their sunglasses and has to retrace to retrieve them, then these are the answers for you! With either alternative, the arms of your spectacles remain open, so they are always ready to be reapplied. Lanyards are longer and more fashion-customizable. However, neck-straps are more useful if you’re really active or participating in sports.

Guard Your Eyes

Okay, so this isn’t really fashion advice, but understanding when and how to use sunglasses is of limited use if you’re hurting your eyes in the process. Always check for labels that state “100% UV Protection” or “100% UVA and UVB Protection” to ensure that the lenses will protect your eyes from dangerous rays. Certainly, it is essential to appear well. But if the glasses you desire won’t protect you from the sun, continue looking until you discover a pair that will.