Each fashion devotee has her own list of summer outfit requirements. Certain products are ageless and must always be included in your go-to rotation, despite the fact that fashionable pieces are fantastic. Consider sunglasses, for instance. The timeless item not only guards your eyes from the sun, but may also function as a fashion accessory statement. With so many varieties of sunglasses available, choosing which ones are worth purchasing can be tough. Here are some of the styles of timeless sunglasses that will never go out of style.

A Quick Refresh

Despite the fact that you’re probably familiar with the bulk of the designs listed, here’s a brief review, especially because the design of frames is always evolving. Aviators, for example, seemed very differently in the early 2000s than they do today (think the hit, celebrity-beloved Damien shades from Lexxola.) In addition, practically all companies now offer 2022-ready upgrades to your classic forms in the form of bright and/or vibrantly coloured lenses and/or frames. In a time when maximalist styles are thriving on social media sites such as TikTok, no collection of sunglasses is complete without a statement piece. Continue reading to learn the sorts of colours that should always be in your outfit. Your next go-to pair of shoes is listed below.


Many individuals may recall the popularity of Ray-Ban aviators. In 2022, the thin metal rims will be replaced with thicker wheels reminiscent of the 1970s. Be on the lookout for tinted lenses that are lively and colourful, as well as a prominent brow line design – a typical element of this military-inspired style.

Rectangular Frames

In the ’90s, rectangular frames dominated the fashion landscape, and they remain a classic style today. If you want a pair that isn’t black, get a pair with white or another eye-catching colour hardware.


Cat-Eye Sunglasses 

Cat-eye sunglasses can quickly improve even a basic white t-shirt and jeans ensemble or give your tailored workday co-ords a throwback edge. Depending on your own choice, you can select one with thick acetate hardware or a thin metal rim.

A pair of ultra-thick round sunglasses, such as the Madalena frames by LAPIMA, will lend an immediate maximalist touch to any ensemble. You may also choose a pair of black Chanel glasses for a softer, more muted appearance.

Over-Sized Glasses

Ultra-large tinted frames are the way to go if you desire maximum sun protection and coverage. Choose a traditional pair of black Prada squares or a colourful pair of cat-eyes from Eyeway. The butterfly frames endorsed by Hailey Bieber are also a popular option in the oversize category.


If the Wayfarer were a celebrity, it would be Beyoncé, who has been a worldwide fan favourite and an icon since their introduction. Due to its adaptable shape and easily stylish appearance, the Wayfarer model has long been a popular choice. This style will compliment and accentuate your facial characteristics regardless of your face type.

If you are overwhelmed by the numerous options in the oversaturated market, we recommend returning to Ray Ban’s as the original creators of the Wayfarers, the eyewear industry’s forerunner has continuously updated its models to reflect the ever-changing trends and preferences of the people without sacrificing its legacy.