Terms & Conditions

By sending your spectacles to EyeFixSpecs, you accept all terms and conditions as amplified below:

  1. The customer needs to package the spectacles in a protective box, and bubble-wrapped.
  2. EyeFixSpecs will ship the repaired spectacles in a protective bubble-wrapped box.
  3. EyeFixSpecs takes no responsibility of any damages and losses that could occur while shipping your spectacles.
  4. Please take note of all scratches on lenses and frames as EyeFixSpecs does not take any responsibility for scratches, chips, wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage on your spectacle frames and lenses.
  5. On receipt of the spectacles, EyeFixSpecs will immediately contact you should we find issues as stipulated in clause 4 above.
  6. No repairs will be returned until full payment for repairs and shipping has been received.
  7. EyeFixSpecs is not liable for any loss of property or damages claimed by client.
  8. EyeFixSpecs gives a 3-month guarantee on repairs done.

EyeFixSpecs reserves its right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without further notice.